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Science Fiction

Firefly Role-Playing Game - Ghosts in the Black

GHOSTS IN THE BLACK is a full-length adventure campaign supplement designed by veteran game designer Robin Laws for the FIREFLY RPG. You and your Crew will have to perform some thrillin’ heroics over...


Firefly Role-Playing Game - Things Didnt Go Smooth (Supplement)

Life’s not easy. Don’t matter whether you’re flying a leaky boat along the Rim or dodging Alliance cruisers in the Core, there’s always something or somebody getting in the way of a Crew’s honest day...


Munchkin - Star Deluxe

Grab your laser sword. Fight every cyborg and alien you meet. Stab your rivals in the back and steal their stuff. Take the loot and run! Star Munchkin Deluxe is the Star Munchkin you know and love,...


Power Frame Core Rule Book (Hard Copy)

PowerFrame is a universal action-oriented toolbox RPG. It provides a powerful, flexible framework of rules and a set of tools for building your own game worlds – powered by hexagons, six-sided dice,...


Among the Stars

Among the Stars takes place in a war-ravaged galaxy where the warring alien races have declared peace in the wake of a threat with the potential to destroy them all. An Alliance is established to...


King of Tokyo

In King of Tokyo, you play mutant monsters, gigantic robots, and strange aliens—all of whom are destroying Tokyo and whacking each other in order to become the one and only King of Tokyo. At the...


Era The Consortium - Rulebook Primer

We know you. You're a gamer, like us. You want as much out of your game as we do. We all want the same thing, more. This is what Era: The Consortium, a new Sci-Fi Tabletop RPG offers. 500 years...


Era: The Consortium (Hard Cover)

Humanity has left Earth over a thousand years behind, landing on a new planet and founding a new government. The Consortium is an inspiring ideal - three star systems teaming with life and four...


Era: The Consortium (Paperback)

Humanity has left Earth over a thousand years behind, landing on a new planet and founding a new government. The Consortium is an inspiring ideal - three star systems teaming with life and four...


Doctor Who - Adventures in Time and Space

Imagine you could go anywhere. This world or countless others, encountering strange alien races, new cultures or hostile environments. Now imagine you could travel to any time. See the pyramids and...


Doctor Who - The Ninth Doctor Source Book

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who this Sourcebook explores the Ninth Doctors adventures on Earth and beyond. With detailed information on all the allies enemies aliens and gadgets that...


Numenera - The Ninth World Bestiary

The weird, the wondrous, and the downright scary: 130 new creatures for Numenera! The Ninth World Bestiary is lavishly illustrated and wildly imaginative, featuring more than 130 creatures and...


Numenera Core Book

There Have Been Eight Previous Worlds Each world stretched across vast millennia of time. Each played host to a race whose civilizations rose to supremacy but eventually died or scattered,...


Numenera Character Sheet Pad

A character sheet is a character sheet–right? Not if it’s the Numenera character sheet! The Numenera character sheet is as intriguing and beautiful as the game itself. This pad of double-sided...


Genetic Spectres

Genetic Spectres is an adventure for characters with 6-10 resources written by Nicolas Logue and Chris Lites. As the great war ground to a halt, the Archons watched their great empire reduced to...


Let Sleeping Gods Lie

Let Sleeping Gods Lie is an adventure for characters with 3-5 current resources, written by Chris Lites. Welcome to the introductory adventure for Fragged Empire. This free form scenario is just...



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