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Pulp Egypt

Egypt: land of mystery and adventure. Here diligent archaeologists struggle to unearth Egypt's great secrets without accidentally unleashing some of its deadliest curses. Tomb robbers plunder ancient...


Kill Puppies For Satan

You work for Satan. he wants you to kill puppies and an assortment of other animals. Title kind of says it all ;)


Defend the Block PDF

'Aint no alien muvver goin to invade ma block. I gona kill it! Back me boys.'A micro RPG set in a north London residential block during an alien invasion. This little game is designed to be printed...


Flash Arghhhhh! PDF

'Flash, Arghhhhh!' is a collaborative story telling game where you and you friends work together to tell an exciting story, just like those of the 1938 Flash Gordon series. Every player takes a part...


Shikishima Heroes PDF

Shikishima Heroes is micro RPG, that allows you to play pulp-style Naval Superheroes.The battleship Shikishima was commissioned in 1900, but disappeared on its first sortie with no explanation. A...


Trench Full of Heroes PDF

It's the Great War. Combat roars across the globe, in the air, on and under both the land and the sea. Men are fighting hand to hand, with blades, rifles and machines. It's amongst these massive...


Acrobats Vs Mobsters PDF

In 2010 the FBI had found itself penetrated by criminal organizations with more money than most governments. The result was an FBI unable to cope with the mob. By presidential order the FBI secretly...


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