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Publisher Info Digital Sales

The following document details the policy of Games On Board when selling non-physical items inclusive of software or documents in a PDF format.  Games On Board is referred to hereafter as the seller and the owner of the item will be known hereafter as the publisher.

1.      The publisher agrees to abide by all of the sales policies listed here in.

2.      Any item provided for sale by the publisher will be reviewed by the seller prior to listing on the website

i.        The seller has the right to refuse sale of any item

ii.      The seller will inform the publisher when the item will be placed for sale or if it has been refused  and for what reason within 48 hours of the item being submitted for review

3.      The publisher will receive payments via a Paypal transaction within 7 days of the end of any calendar month, for sales received in that calendar month unless sales less the sellers fee totals less than $10 USD.  Amounts will be carried over to the next month if they do not total $10 USD.

4.      The sellers fee is 20% of any or all sales not affected by point 4.i received for the publishers item in the calendar month

i.        The seller may place any item being sold by a publisher on sale for up to and including 20% of the total value.  The entirety of this discount will be reduced from the sellers fee e.g. if the seller offers 13% discount the publisher will still receive 80% of the full price and the seller will receive only 7%

ii.      The publisher may, at any time, discount the price of the item to any amount.  Monies received for the item will be separated in the normal 20% seller 80% publisher ratio

iii.    Pay What You Want items will be separated in the normal 20% seller 80% publisher ratio

iv.    Free items sales will be recorded but no fee will be required from the seller and no payment will be made to the publishers

5.      For every $200 of sales that your products make annually you will be guarantee a review on an item of your choice to appear on RPG Knights reviewed by Mark Knights.

6.      Advertising space will become available for publishers that sell on the site.  The costs of advertising will be represented as a percentage of the item(s) being advertised that will be scheduled here when it becomes available on the site

7.      The publisher and the seller have the right to end this agreement at any time but must give seven days notice in writing to do so

Contact me on if you would like to have your products included under this agreement.

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