X-Wing, the next round

Oops, knew I had something to set today! I have been having a couple of issues with a league ladder but I will continue to pepper away at it and put it up as soon as possible.

Two weeks from today the following needs to be played: Battle round (next round will be a mission)

Games can be played anywhere and anywhen as long as they are done in the fortnight and follow the rules that I put up for consideration earlier.

As there are only two from Devonport, unless I hear otherwise, all scheduled matches will be against one another! So to it.

.Round 1 is 100 Point battle:

Daryl vs. Thomas
Marcella vs. Kaine
Tim vs. Matt
Jason vs. Michael

If you need help contacting one another send me an email at manager@games-onboard.com and I will facilitate something.

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