Welcome to Games On Board

First Blog post should be poignant, touching, funny.

Instead I am just going to say thank you to you all for coming along on the ride with us. It is true that the website has been operating for some time now but this little blog will cover events and occasions in the bricks and mortar store that resides in Burnie, Tasmania.

The store is run by myself and my wife, Mark and Nikki Knights. We have completed the planning and build for our store over the past year and though we have faced some speed bumps, the store is here and it is here to stay. We have two casual employees, Griffin and Tony, who are going to help us get up and running while we find out exactly what games excite you all and play them with you.

So, on to events. Currently scheduled are:

X-Wing today (10 January) at 2:30 when we will try some missions and it will be followed up by a demo game of Armada at 7, maybe earlier.
Tomorrow night there is nothing scheduled.
For the 12th there is a game of Dungeons and Dragons that is full but we welcome people to come and look at the game while it is being played.
The 13th sees a Pathfinder game on show, again full but come and look.
Thursday at 6 we have a gent by the name of Liam who wants to get players into a D&D game, so come and sign up or come to learn Android Netrunner, the card game made by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic.
Friday night is the last Yu-Gi-Oh one night tournament which will see the start of a league sign up for the game. This has been very popular in store and I hope the trend continues.
Saturday night is the last of our Magic One-Nighters too. We will then sign up people into a league over the following week. We are not officially recognised by Wizards of the Coast but we follow their rules and just want a community feel to the league. For this one nighter it will be an all against all bash.
Sunday next week (17 January) we will be breaking open a copy (maybe two depending on participants) of Catan and having a Euro game day! This starts at 1 PM and is free to join in but at 4 PM we will have a competition of Catan with entrants to pay a $5 fee. The winner of this game(s) will win the store copy of Cogz, the Game of the Month from December. This is a neat little game so if you want a chance, come down and learn some Catan!

I hope to see you all over the next week!

Kind regards



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