An update on comics...

We have been settling into the Burnie gaming scene and have attracted a good level of regulars to our fold. That said there was one voice that came through loud and clear when we first opened and that was the lack of love that comic lovers were getting on this side of the pond.

We have attempted to right this wrong but for some reason the delivery system from the good old US of A is nowhere as fast as it could be. So much so that I have been patiently waiting since the start of this month for April's shipment of comics - to no avail. It is also a hard thing to prepare for and as such none of the infrastructure is in store yet for their arrival. Shelves and the like are a hard thing to envision for an order that is a bunch of numbers on a sheet of paper - so when we get to make the big announcement that they have arrived I will do the best I can to display them with the space we have and learn from this order how to house the next one.

The message for now from us is to not give up hope - they are arriving. I will be phoning Diamond Comics tomorrow to see if they can give me some kind of idea as to the progress of the comics from them to me and from there I will try to give a guesstimate of the actual arrival of these books! Until then, thank you for your patience. Drop by and play a game with us in the meantime!


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