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Tricks and Treats

Price: AUD$4.16

Tricks and Treats is a simple role-playing story game, designed to be played by kids and adults. It's about a group of trick-or-treaters that face monsters which are themselves based on the kids' fears and personalities. And the primary resolution mechanic uses candy.

You'll get a 9-page PDF of all the rules, as well as mobi, epub, and azw3 files for all eReaders. The PDF includes a simple character sheet with the rules on the other side, making a handy handout.

The System

Each player gets 6 pieces of candy (ranked from 1-6), plus 5 Kid Points. Monsters are drawn from a big bag of candy (or rolled on a d6). Players can spend candy or Kid Points to defeat them.

The kids move through various rooms of a haunted house, fighting off monsters that represent how each kid has caused problems for his or her friends. In the final room, the kids face a villain who's holding an NPC friend hostage. If the kids have hoarded their candy wisely, they can get their friend back!


Note on Currency

As the physical store for Games On Board is located in Australia the Australian Dollar (AUD) is used as a default. Paypal (when you go to checkout and use your account or credit card) will convert this into your local currency.

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