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Temple of Greed

Price: AUD$2.32

Ages ago, this ancient temple, carved in a mountainside, was devoted to a now-forgotten god of greed. As the clergy piled tons of gold on the altars, the god grew more powerful. But as his power grew, something horrible happened.

“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.”
- Edward Abbey, The Journey Home: Some Words in Defense of the American West

The god became sick, spreading this illness and infecting his followers. Having made his followers ill, his people abandoned the god. Most of the treasure in the temple was hastily retrieved before the door was sealed.
Alone, abandoned, and without faith left to feed upon, the god faded. But The Temple Of Greed remained.


Note on Currency

As the physical store for Games On Board is located in Australia the Australian Dollar (AUD) is used as a default. Paypal (when you go to checkout and use your account or credit card) will convert this into your local currency.

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