Store Participation

One of the advantages of being the FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) in town with the largest, free to access, gaming space is getting to know the people that come in to the store. Be it as an event or just through the day when someone comes in to try a game I really enjoy their company.

Some of the positives that have come out of this has been the ability to interact with some of the local agencies that help the less fortunate and also to play games with people that have no-one to play games with. My newest employee, Jen, for example had never had the opportunity to really play games that were not on a computer or console before. She is making up for lost time. Then there is Joy who brings in her 60 year old chinese checkers board once or twice a week to school us young'uns! This is in reality the greatest reward from running this store.

Not to mention the Pokemon kids that are absolutely adorable as they do a happy dance from getting a good pull from a booster, or the way their face lights up when they realise that yes I will trade that card in my special folder.

I have some regulars that worry that I am "too nice" in offering up gaming space for free and my time to spend with them and teach them a game that they can sit and play for free for as long as they want. There is obviously a financial cost to these things but that is not what we are about. We feel that being a part of this community means not just selling stuff but showing people how to play the games, no matter their bank balance.

So thank you to all that come through our doors. Not just those that spend, but to all the lookers, players and those that tell us how nice it is in store. We appreciate every one of you.


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