Star Wars X-Wing League

We have a starting 8. The breakdown of the 8 in regards to location is six in Burnie and two in Devonport. I had hoped for a few more but if this league goes well then maybe in the future. Prizes will be $50 voucher for Games On Board for first, $25 voucher for second and $15 voucher for third.

The rounds will be two weeks long (that is you have two weeks from announcement to play the game and get me a result) and there will be 6 of these rounds. There will be a set weekend (a Sunday) that will be 10 April at this stage unless that is a major clash for anyone, where we will hold a battle day in Games On Board due to the numbers here.

The participants are: Thomas House, Matt Mayer, Tim Mayer, Kaine King, Marcella Ramdage, Jason Thomson, Michael Tokarski and Daryl Bennet.

So far I have listings from Thomas and Jason. The rest of us need to get our listings in as a priority or with the first results.

Games can be played anywhere and anywhen as long as they are done in the fortnight and follow the rules that I put up for consideration earlier.

As there are only two from Devonport, unless I hear otherwise, all scheduled matches will be against one another! So to it.

.Round 1 is 100 Point battle:

Thomas vs. Kaine
Marcella vs. Matt
Tim vs. Daryl
Michael vs. Jason

If you need help contacting one another send me an email at and I will facilitate something.


These new characters will remain close by the more seasoned ones and turn out to be similarly as charmed as those that you initially began to look all starry eyed at. As I stated, outstanding among st other parts about the X-Wing arrangement is that it doesn't highlight any of the ordinary primary characters in huge part.
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