Six month review

We have now been open 6 months and due to that fact it is time to look at the realities of the store. Many will know that I (Mark) am at the store every day of the week and generally over 12 hours a day. This is of course expected when starting a business and I am not complaining that I have had to do this but the store is open under different circumstances than it was initially meant to. Under normal circumstances I was meant to be still employed at least part time elsewhere and this did not come to pass so we need to take a very close look at the financials and the other factors that play on that like my own stress levels and health.

It would surprise no one to hear that Sundays and Mondays are the most quiet days of the week for me. I have tried running events on these days but nothing that we do seems to make a difference in the least. The graph that is attached to this blog is direct from my software looking at the months March through to May on a day to day basis totalled - traditionally quiet times in retail. I have removed the figures of this graph as the focus is not on the dollars but on the income alone and we can see that Monday is the worst day by far for the store. In fact, Mondays I pay money to keep the doors open and serve those that do come in on the day. In light of the above figures though I am sadly having to make the decision that Monday is no longer viable for the store at this time. From June forward the store will be closed on a Monday.

Sunday's is an unusual day however. On the surface it also appears to be a low earning day but it is twice a Monday's income. Some Sundays are bumper days as people wander around town and are surprised to find a little boutique store open, and even more surprised to be invited to sit down to a game for free! I am not sold that Sunday's are yet a lost cause and at this stage they will continue to be days that I open the store. I intend to try to run more afternoon board games at a premium cost per seat ($10 or so) of popular games like Catan, Carcassone, Ticket To Ride and the like in the hopes that I can drive a new culture of board gaming among the young and old of Burnie.

My goal with this store is, and has always been, to create a safe place where people can come and meet others, be exposed to interesting games and have great conversations. These changes are just one of many that I will be making to fine tune the stores ability to do this and I hope that you all support us through this phase!

Thanks for reading



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