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Secrets of the Giant Dragons: The Minotaur PAY WHAT YOU WANT!

Minimum: AUD$0.00

In Pathfinder I was always a little miffed that the minotaur was a large creature and unsuitable for a player race. Well, in this Secrets of the Giant Dragons offering they play with the minotaur and make it a playable race for us all to use. A fantastic idea and one that you have to get your hands on - no bull! (See what I did there - I am sorry but I could not resist!)

This is a pay what you want product. Its suggested price is $1.25 USD


Note on Currency

As the physical store for Games On Board is located in Australia the Australian Dollar (AUD) is used as a default. Paypal (when you go to checkout and use your account or credit card) will convert this into your local currency.

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