Premium Games and Lesson Learned

I have to say that I am over the moon to have completed my first "professional" game presentation. I had a group of players this week pay for four sessions (one a day Tuesday to Friday 3-4 hours duration) in the Shadowrun game. The image is of the runners fixer "Foxfire".

Shadowrun is a role playing game based heavily off of William Gibson's Neuromancer books where man has melded with machine and corporations run the countries. In Shadowrun there is also magic awakened in the world and other races have sprung from humanity. My game centred on Seattle where a hot spot of racial bigotry had once torn the city apart. I revisited this concept with a new group set to do the same to the city forty years later than the original event.

I spent a week preparing a sandbox and the triggers for this adventure and rolled off what the players did in game to present what I hope was a memorable and enjoyable game for the players. I had fun exploring what they did in the spaces I created for them and ad-libbing where there was a need to introduce the items, characters and situations that make up a believable tale.

But as I have said before, sometimes you are not a hundred percent certain what you are going to get when you go into these ventures. I run events every night and, due to the unique nature of the players work, I was to run these games of a morning. Getting staff in to cover me was a good opportunity to run it and I also felt that this was a good thing as it would not interrupt the regular schedule and flow of the store. That is great in theory but... I am so tired now! The morning starts meant that my days started an hour earlier than normal (I am normally in store 10 tA.M. to around P.M., this had me starting on or just after 9 A.M. Also, you do not exactly realise how mentally taxing running a game is until you have to run two in a day and make sure the store is OK in the middle! So the lesson learned here is that if a premium game is purchased, regardless of the time it is to be run that other events are to be restricted.

The other lesson is the strain on the customer. There were three players in the game and over the week they became a little less energetic and on the last day we were down a player due to illness. Talking to the person that purchased the game I found out that he was very tired at the end and had also been feeling the same strain that I had been. The lesson to me here is to be able to counsel prospective clients in spreading their sessions into smaller chunks, maybe one to two sessions a week to enable them to recharge over time.

Overall the game was brilliant though. I have run, and participated in, a little bit of Shadowrun over the past couple of years. When first and second edition was a thing I ran the game solidly for about 6 years and I think that I may have the bug again. It is a fluent game with great atmosphere, though there are still a lot of things that I feel it lacks. I might just try to fix that!

Thanks for reading. If you are interested in having a premium session run contact me via email at manager AT or drop in!


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