One Month Old

What started around a year ago as a business plan and a hope to be happier in my employment has now been open for a month and one day as I write this. It is hard to believe we are at this stage we are so young today! My wife and I have talks about what is not moving in the store as if we have some long pedigree of the store being open. In reality, trying to match a board game or even a role playing game to a customer can be a timely process and I think we are probably a little early in talking about what works and what does not.

We are finding that our events run hot and cold. We will get a lot of interest on facebook for posted events and then have no one show up. How we combat this is a task that I am trying to devote myself as I host most of the events myself and they mean more time away from family than I have ever been used to. It is rewarding when it comes off and a bit disheartening when it does not.

But who ever thought that we would be at this point. What started with the website has steam rolled into this venture that I love. I know I need to give more back to RPGKnights and the Google Plus community but settling things needs to happen before I have the grace of a little more time.

For this week our events are;

Princes of the Apocalypse DnD tonight run by me;
Wrath of the Righteous Pathfinder game on Wednesday night run by me;
Liam Tolland's DnD game with open spots is on from around 6 P.M. Thursday night or come and try Android Netrunner from 7 on the same night - a brilliant card game that puts you right in the world of William Gibson's Neuromancer.
Friday night is Cards Against Humanity from 7 P.M. - this game is not for the easily offended and we are making it a 17+ gaming night. You have to be over that age to get in and there is a $5 fee to be in.
Saturday is 2 P.M. YuGiOh and then 7 P.M. Magic game with a new set of cards released!. Both are $5 entry for the tournament but if you just want a friendly game come in regardless and find someone to play with.
Sunday afternoon is back to Star Wars X-Wing and Armada and I hope to play a few battles on the day!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in store!


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