New Business and a Busy Weekend

Last week was an unusual beast in which we had quiet sales days but were flat out in store. The Sunday prior to last we tried to get some of the Pokemon crew that inhabits the Burnie Library to come along and got only two people show up which was disappointing for me. I would really love to have seen a lot more of them come down and have fun. Thing I had not realised is the level of organisation they have and that their meetings include a league and all the stuff I had hoped to provide. Knowing that after talking to a couple of people I mentioned to my wife that perhaps we will leave Pokemon events and just hope that they gravitate to the store on their own.

Then on Thursday I got a call from "Jimmy" the co-ordinator and head of the Pokemon league. Apparently the library are doing renovations for six months and had advised the league that they would need to make alternate arrangements for the next six months! Could they use our store? Serendipity is a strange thing but I did have a laugh about it at the end of the night. Looking on the Pokemon page they had approached Mind Games down the road but Matt is committed to running Magic on Saturdays. The Saturday just gone I could not accommodate them because I had Yu-Gi-Oh on for Saturdsy. I advised them in future they could come in Saturdays's and I would open an hour earlier to accommodate them. The Yu-Gi-Oh players are mainly teenage boys that are fine with a weekend, so they are being moved to a Sunday for their tournaments (I get a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh players and they are nice kids).

I advised the Pokemon crew that I could do Sunday for them this weekend past and they rocked up in droves! I have three tables in store for playing with space for about 18 players at a time and a couple of onlookers per table and the three tables were at full capacity! It was great to see them and a few of them sat for most of the day and tried some of the games we have on offer after they were finished their matches. I was chuffed. So there you have it! More players and more exposure for us. We have noticed that our advertising is not doing the job and the money we spend does not seem to do anything for us in getting people to know where we are. Nearly every new customer we see exclaims that they had no idea we were here and when did we begin etc. While it is nice to tell them it is frustrating to realise that the money we are spending (and it is a considerable sum) is failing to do its job. The company that we use is running a marketing seminar so I am going to head along to one of those sessions and hopefully that will help.

The focus in the meantime has got to go back to the online store and PDF sales - it all ground to a halt when I got involved with the physical side of the business. Now that the physical side is running and has some stability of events, and while my wife is taking a break from her work to help me out a little, I need to get back to a bit of blogging and a little bit of promotion to the online gamers!


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