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'...the combat system is solid and fast paced and the whole thing screams out for some gonzo play....Murderhobos doesn't disappoint. - Johua De Santo, Genius Loci review []

'Best 6 pages of gaming I've read in awhile. - Joe E on Google+ []

MurderHobos is a tabletop RPG made for when you just want to kill things and take their stuff.

You roll different dice. Your character strangles things with his hands, stabs from the shadows, or calls down unholy fire from the sky. You play a MurderHobo.

System Overview

Each character has 4 primary stats:

* Killing
* Avoiding Being Killed
* Knowing Shit
* Talking Your Way Out of Anything

You put 4 points in one of these, 2 points in another, and 1 point in each of the others.

Each character also has 4 secondary stats:

* Avoiding Magic
* Avoiding Traps
* Avoiding Poison
* Avoiding The Law

You put 4 points in one of these, 2 points in another, and 1 point in each of the others.

Rolls are d20 + the relevant stat vs. a target difficulty number.

What Makes It Different?

Monsters don't attack. Instead, if you miss a Killing roll against a monster, it gets an attack against you.

If you roll exactly or 1 less than the target difficulty, you get a partial success. The rules include a table that lay out suggested partial successes for each stat.

Weapons break. (Though it's rare.)

Weapons are differentiated by basic type (melee, ranged, thrown) and cost. More expensive weapons break less often. There's no statistical difference between a short sword and a long sword.

There are no Hit Points; there's just a number of hits (successful attacks) you can take.

Magical healing is really fucking dangerous.

You heal up every day. Because you're a murderhobo.

Get adventures, sample characters, and an example of play at the MurderHobos website:



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Murderhobo (or murder homeless person, etc.) is a term used (originally pejoratively, but occasionally affectionately) for the player characters in RPGs, both in video games and tabletop games. The term arises because of the Assignment Help way that most adventuring characters and parties are technically homeless vagrants, generally living, on the road and sometimes in temporary accommodation.

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