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Mapping Cards: Pay What You Want


You have a few options. Random decks, constructed decks, planned decks and structured decks.
A random deck is simply a bunch of theme related cards thrown in with some common cards and off you go. You might want to put a few cards at the bottom of the deck that are the target of the evenings adventures.
Constructed decks are where you specifically select the cards used, based on a theme or story line. This can be combined with a planned deck.
A planned deck is one where you place the cards in a specific order, or bunches of them in specific order and placed at specific locations within the deck. You get to control the adventure quite tightly – some might call this railroading your players, and they are probably right. There are times when this makes sense though.


Note on Currency

As the physical store for Games On Board is located in Australia the Australian Dollar (AUD) is used as a default. Paypal (when you go to checkout and use your account or credit card) will convert this into your local currency.

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