Good News

Well, we have survived a few months now and things are going pretty well. We are gearing up to order my second load of comics even though we are still a month or so away from receiving the first lot in! Disappointingly there was a distinct lack of Walking Dead in the first set of order sheets I had to choose from but there is a Walking Dead colouring book - who knows what sort of horrors that is going to hide!

That said I have made progress with the publisher of my book (Rite Publishing) and I have sent off a request for an invoice to get some of their physical product in. That means the physical copy of my book and the game that it goes with will be winging its way from the UK printer to the store in the near future and I will be able to sell the thing I wrote and introduce people to the system that I wrote for!

Pokemon arrival in store of the Burnie Play! network has been very rewarding. When I started this store the idea was to get heavily involved in the communities and help out where we could. The displacement from the Burnie Library is a temporary one but the enthusiasm that group brings to the store energises me and makes me smile at some of the antics in the games. Pokemon TCG is a secret love of mine since around 1999!

Next week we will be holding two events with board game prizes and it is likely that Dungeons and Dragons Starter set will get a start soon.

Hope to see you all soon.



It is good news Dungeons and Dragons Starter set will get a start soon but for Do My Dissertation I need some new to which game Is coming in 2018 will you please tell me?

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