Events are really taking off!

It is a little over a month and I have been working to make our store about the events that we run each week. Many events that cater to a broad range of gamers in the community. It was not unusual (to start with) to be sitting and waiting for people to arrive at the start of things only to be disappointed and there were many nights where I got home a little after 11 that my wife and I wondered if the events were ever going to take a hold. Most of the events are free and done for the love of bringing new people together but people seemed to be a bit shy of the idea.

I can now say that this is beginning to break. The events have been fairly well attended this week and very well attended in comparison to the previous week. I have not been home before midnight in the past couple of days due to the events and how well attended they were, even having to kick them out at the Magic tournament last night before my car got locked in at the car park!

The long and the short of it is that this is what we have built Games On Board for. We want to broaden the horizons of new gamers and challenge them with lesser known games, support local game makers and provide events that are enjoyed by many gamers in the region and around the world!

Thanks for helping us along in this regard and if you have not yet come to an event, pick one and give it a go!



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