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Era The Consortium - Rulebook Primer

Price: AUD$19.95

We know you. You're a gamer, like us.
You want as much out of your game as we do.
We all want the same thing, more.
This is what Era: The Consortium, a new Sci-Fi Tabletop RPG offers. 500 years of Consortium history is available for you to create within, enjoy and experience.

Earth is a distant memory, all but forgotten,
any remaining stories from the Human homeworld are now legends, handed down verbally.
The Consortium stretches across three star systems,
with twelve inhabited planets. Several wars have coloured the history of the Consortium, notably the Bug War between the Humans and Ximians;
the events surrounding a raider named
Shaun Hardcastle; and the conflict with the
Resistance, which still continues. While the situation cannot be described as stable (as there are those who believe the Consortium is on the brink of civil war), in 447CE people do not live in fear of their lives on a
day to day basis.


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