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Phiomen - the edge of Vanishing Space

Phiomen is a system that all of the missing colonist ships were directed through. It is the closest system to the known edges of colonized space and represents the edge of a vast system that is completely unknown. It is this system that the Void Industries build their Deep Space Station Tombe 5 that will be the starting point for the explorations by the players.

Phiomen has three areas of interest. The first of these is the planet Hrefna where a failed colony ship has been located but not investigated. There is a refueling station on the planet Jezza 5 which would suggest that some form of colony was successful at one point. The second point of interest is the space station that is mostly completed orbiting the planet known as Lexington 9. Finally there is the moon Panos which has a still functioning moon mining base Mendota 5 and apparently still operational refueling station Langtang 1.

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