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Tombe 5

Located in the Phiomen system the Tombe 5 Space Station is the newest jewel in the Void Industries catalogue. Purpose built as a stepping off point for exploration of the vanishing zone (as the industry likes to call it). Literally, everything about the space station is brand new. It is common to come across common items still encased in its packaging ready for first use.

The space station is located in extreme orbit of the star in the Phiomen system. It is keeping to an orbit that allows it long range scans of the planet Hrefna and its moon Panos. The planet itself is the site of a failed colony, the first of the failed colonist ships that were sent into this region to be found. On Panos, the automated mining machinery appears to be intact and operational though the personnel from Void Industries at Tombe 5 has not yet authorised any investigation that cannot be done from long range sensors until the exploration crew arrives in system.

The inhabitants of the Tombe 5 space station are all Void Industries employees. They are genetically modified humans on the most part. Modified to live long periods in low gravity they tend to be much taller than your average human, paler and with distended features. The individuals invariably wear white, loose fitting smocks lined with gold thread at the seams and cuffs. They are, on the whole, focused and silent in their normal operations giving the space station an eerie quietness.

Currently located on the space station are many of Void Industries board. They have come to inspect the new station and meet with the explorers who will head into the vanishing sector. Each of the board members operate under a pseudonym (or it is thought that is the case) that emulates a position of power. For example you may need to refer to the board members by a title such as “King”, “Emporer” or “Count”.

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