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Lexington 9 Space Station Orbiting Hrefna Destroyed!!!

This space station that orbits Hrefna at an altitude of around 360 km appears to be only partially completed. There appears to be power at the station and the life support systems also appear to be functioning and regulated but the infrastructure of the actual space station appears to only be around 75% completed.

It has now been destroyed by a detonating ship - see below for details.

Exploratory Notes

Populated by the Panther X76 automated build and defence robots. They work tirelessly on maintaining the station and recording any entry to the station DN2. They appear as robotic panthers and have the ability to magnetically attach themselves to the surface and use their welding lasers (located in their optical units) in defence if required.

The space station appears to be standard build with all new materials. Deeper exploration has found that areas of the space station are built from the ruined parts of battle-scarred ships. Ash, hidden away from view in vacuum filled chambers also appears to be the remains of organic life forms, likely humans.

In control of the space station appears to be a group of genetically modified she-wolf humans. They are ruled by a strong alpha and will turn the defence of the station over to her pack as a hunt. They are not shy in damaging the station (they have the robots to repair it) and prefer to intimidate and use scare tactics on their victims before going in for the kill.

The station is also populated with crab drones - small repair robots that can enter the tightest areas of the space station. They are semi-autonomous and equipped with scanners and welding lasers. There are thousands of them in the station and can be called on as an automated defence mechanism if the system meets the right criteria.

The she-wolves have attempted a ritual that involved a large organic being that ocupied the central elevator shaft area. It is unknown what the ritual would achieve or where the creature came from. What is known is that the beast's blood becomes acidic on exposure to vacuum. Also the genetic makeup of the creature is partially constructed from the genetic sequence of Victor Dorn.

The station is now believed to be sterilized as Victor Dorn created a radioactive gas that would eradicate all living life from the station. This was integrated into the station remotely by Alice Mac and released before the Rimor departed the station in pursuit of the locations on Panos, the moon surrounding Hrefna.

Destroyed by a nuclear explosion from a wolf ship sent up from the moon Panos . The ship was going to destroy the exploratory teams only method of leaving the Moon and so they decided to send the detonating ship to destroy this mostly completed space station.

She Wolves

  • Alpha: Extremities armoured but torso covered only by wolf skin. DN 7 with DN 4 intellect howl attack. Wasteful, Kind, Unkempt.
  • Lead Hunter: Armoured in heavy skins made to look like wolf pelts. Enjoys nothing more than the hunt and is purely physical in her outlook though likes to toy with her food before killing it. DN 6. Sneaky, Weird, Voracious.
  • The Pack: The hopefuls that one day wishes to be a great hunter. DN 2. Adventurous.
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