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The Intrisecus Latet

A ship located at Moon Base - Mendota 5 in poor repair. The ship echoes a mayday call on a five-minute loop.

Exploratory Notes

Surrounded by a miasma the ship appears to be populated by spirits. The only living being so far encountered inside the ship has been the wolf woman, Hecate. She was seeking to destroy the ship in retaliation for the slaughter of her companions before Saamerin'tlakadrt killed her with the assistance of one of his crewmates.

They learned from Hecate that the body of the captain is in the lower decks (they entered from the top where there was little to no miasma) and it is the captain that they are seeking to find for a device that he carried whilst alive. They also learned that the spirit crew cause a body to lose its substance when striking an opponent, far quicker than the miasma does by itself.

With Hecate destroyed the ship was ripe for investigation. At the hands of the Captain, the crew quickly investigated the top layer of the ship. Along with the bridge, the exploratory team found a systems room, medical bay, 6 crew quarters, a galley and the rec room.

The medical room was a horrific show of experimentation. Spiritual beings captured and suspended in some kind of fluid that kept it maintained. There were serums that also seemed to utilise the miasma in its make up. Each serum was contained with a label - Etz-Au-Ax-Alpha, Etz-Au-Ax-Beta and so forth. Investigating the room caused issues and some of the spiritual creatures were released and reaped havoc among the exploratory crew.

In the systems room, the exploratory crew found a malfunctioning or sabotaged teleport. It would teleport those caught inside its field to just outside the ship, as though it sought to space anyone that attempted to interfere with the ship systems.

Of the crew quarters, the exploratory team discovered the Captain's quarters. Captain Bori Kinova was a company man and well versed. His room was tidy and well kept in military style. Another room appeared to be that of the security officer and weapons specialist Tini Vichiko. It was covered completely in hieroglyphics formed from the miasma all over the walls. Journals of his lay among huge stockpiles of ammunition and alcohol. Whatever happened here had gripped Vichiko to the core.

Another of the crew's rooms was actually occupied by a spirit who was wrapped in its own world of suffering. Deciding to leave the spirit figure alone the crew moved on. The final individual crew members room seemed to be that of the Ships Medical Officer, Lina Miko. Reams of notebooks and material from the past seven years lay in this room. Most of the handwritten notebooks sought to find a use of the source Etz-Au-Ax material that “Vichi” had begun using in his sermons. The notes initially were to look for a way to bring the spirit back, but soon devolved in using it on patients to find a way to bridge the gate.

The final two crew rooms were for multiple crew members. The rank and file. Various notes and journals were in here that painted a picture of some kind of tragedy. “Vichi” was claiming that the grounding on this moon was some kind of test from a benevolent deity that had begun to speak to him. Etz-Au-Ax was its name and Vichi began recruiting followers with the help of his lover Zina Belova, the Navigator. It appears that Belova was not a true follower and hoped that the support of the remainder of the crew may temper Vichi's obsession. Other notes point to a series of inoculations enforced by the medical officer that seemed to make those inoculated feel worse rather than better.

The galley was curiously empty and largely unaffected like many of the other rooms and the rec room also seemed to be an untouched area of the ship, those allowed them egress to the central deck, which showed evidence of the miasma. Captain Kepler had to rise against the negativity of his crew to get them to plunge into the second level of the ship. He was aware now that this enigmatic Leo may have answers he needed and so the crew had to find the control device that Captain Bori Kinova was said to have in his possession.b

The second level of this ship was worse than the top level. Spiritual creatures and a chill exist here that is unsettling. The first room found a passenger room. Obviously well to do passengers travelling in luxury, except they were nowhere to be found. Apart from a baby. A baby that lay still in its cot, mummified and obviously a victim of malnutrition and neglect. Interfering with the remains located the spiritual mother though and she made Derek Clarke pay for his interference with three of his limbs destroyed by the Miasma.

At this point, with military precision, Reece Harrison reacts and destroys the ghostly apparition with a series of well-placed blaster pistol shots) his one regret that the fleeing Spangler missed how cool it really looked!

Albert Spangler fled in fear from the attack to another passenger room. A room filled with blood, ritualistic accoutrement and a deep rhythmic chanting. Mesmerised, the chanting joined in with his own patterned breathing and it took every ounce of his will not to give in to the sounds that he deciphered in that chant.

Visions had led them to believe that they would find their quarry (Captain Kinova) in the cargo hold. Clarke informed the exploratory crew that the cargo hold was likely close at hand, the top section of it just beyond a bulkhead in front of them. Saamerin'tlakadrt utilised a device that allowed it to phase out of existence. Having lost a limb to the miasma previously it caused most of Sam's body to phase out, but the arm to reform in normal space, back from the gate. This was enough though for it to get a glimpse through the bulkhead down into a ritualistic circle covered in the bodies of others of its race, and a group of spirit beings chanting to the same ritual detected earlier by Albert Spangler.

How will they make it to the cargo hold, and how will they find what they are looking for. Will Etz-Au-Ax consume the exploratory team whole before they can escape? We will find out soon in the next game with the crew of The Rimor!

Notable NPC's

Hecate: Wolf woman Difficulty Number 4; Heroic; Bottom half of Hecate has fully succumbed to the miasma and is insubstantial. She has dragged herself to the upper floors to destroy the ship.

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