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The Rimor

The new ship custom built by Void Industries for their exploration of the Vanishing zone. Named The Rimor it is pictured above with dropship Speculator that is permanently docked on the ship and used for ship to planet operations.

The ship itself is a marvel of engineering. It is capable of extreme jumps through space, navigating the in-between spaces with sophisticated navigation equipment. It is highly manoeuvrable and designed to take a beating from enemy fire if required. On board, there are state-of-the-art automated analytical systems as well as a bank of stasis machines to hold samples of anything the crew may find. It is fitted with cryogenic sleep modules and long range beacons in the instance of being caught in a space system with no refuelling options.

Captain Virgil Kepler

The Captain was handpicked for his experience and ability to perform under pressure. He is a well built, attractive dark-haired human with a gregarious outlook to life. The glass is never half empty around the Captain. Punctual, Supportive, Irritable).

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