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Saamerin'tlakadrt, otherwise known as 'Sam', is a member of a unique alien species. Each member of their species is born as a pair of entities, one male and one female. At any given time one member of the pair is the “primary”, with the other being the “secondary”.

Early on in life, Sam did not feel comfortable within the society of their own people, and so when the opportunity arose to leave, they jumped at the chance, starting their career with Void Industries as a scout, as having two pairs of eyes on the ground can definitely be more efficient than one.

Lexington 9

After a few missions carried out for their new employer, Sam soon found themselves being given the honour of participating in a real, important, exploration mission. Along with a ragtag crew of other misfits, including the man who had recruited Sam in the first place, they were too explore the 'Vanishing Zone', a mysterious section of space where people tended to disappear. Sam was quite excited by this opportunity to prove themselves to Void Industries. That is, until, their first foray into the Lexington 9 station.

It started off quite innocent. A simple infiltration into a seemingly abandoned station, populated only by maintenance robots shaped like cats. Nothing Sam was entirely unfamiliar with. It wasn't until they had a blaster pointed at the back of their head that they began to really worry.

The owner of the blaster asked Sam to leave the station or there would be consequences. Sam and their companions bravely ignored this warning and continued onward, only to be immediately set upon by the feline maintenance robots. The robots were quickly dispatched however, allowing the team to move forward.

Soon they found the elevators which would take them up to the command deck. Sam spotted some canine feet standing atop one of the elevators, but inadvertently alerted the owner of said feet to this by announcing the discovery to their companions. Undeterred by this potential threat, the crew hopped onto one of the elevators and set it off. Not long after, the elevator shafts that were not in use exploded, which caused quite a bit of excitement for everyone. However since there was no other way to go but forward, the team just kept on going.

On the command deck Sam and their friends found quite a few strangely mutated humans, all of which attacked them.

Game Stats

Sam is a Tongue-Tied Explorer who Exists in Two Places at Once

Tier Effort XP
3 2 0
Might Speed Intellect
Maximum 16 18 12
Edge 1 1 0
Special Abilities
Danger Sense (1 Speed point): The difficulty of your initiative roll is reduced by one step. Enabler.
Stealth Skills: You are trained in the following skills: stealth and lockpicking
Extra Edge: You have a Might Edge of 1 and a Speed Edge of 1.
Trained Without Armor: You are trained in Speed defense actions when not wearing armor. Enabler.
Actions, Not Words: +2 to your Might Pool, and +2 to your Speed Pool.
Four Hands Are Better Than Two: When you and your duplicate work together to complete a task, the difficulty of that task is decreased by one step (if cooperation would be helpful).
Duplicate (2 Might points). You cause a duplicate of yourself to appear at any point you can see within short range. The duplicate has no clothing or possessions when it appears. The duplicate is a level 2 NPC with 6 health. The duplicate obeys your commands and does as you direct it. The duplicate remains until you dismiss it using an action or until it is killed. When the duplicate disappears, it leaves behind anything it was wearing or carrying. If the duplicate disappears because it was killed, you take 4 points of damage that ignore Armor, and you lose your next action. Action to initiate.
Share Senses. While your duplicate is in existence and within 1 mile (2 km), you know everything it experiences and can communicate with it telepathically. Enabler.
Superior Duplicate (2 Might points). When you use your Duplicate ability, you can create a superior duplicate instead of a normal duplicate. A superior duplicate is a level 3 NPC with 15 health. Enabler.
Escape (2 Speed points): You slip your restraints, squeeze through the bars, break the grip of a creature holding you, pull free from sucking quicksand, or otherwise get loose from whatever is holding you in place. Action.
Eye for Detail (2 Intellect points): When you spend five minutes or so thoroughly exploring an area no larger than a typical room, you can ask the GM one question about the area, and she must answer you truthfully. You cannot use this ability more than one time per area per twenty-four hours. Enabler.
Hand to Eye (2 Speed points): This ability provides an asset to any tasks involving manual dexterity, such as pickpocketing, lockpicking, games involving agility, and so on. Each use lasts up to a minute; a new use (to switch tasks) replaces the previous use. Action to initiate.
Quick Recovery: Your second recovery roll (usually requiring ten minutes) is only a single action, just like the first roll. Enabler.
Ignore the Pain: You do not feel the detrimental effects of being impaired on the damage track, and when you are debilitated, you ignore those effects and experience the effects normally associated with being impaired instead. (Dead is still dead.) Enabler.
Run and Fight (4 Might points): You can move a short distance and make a melee attack that inflicts 2 additional points of damage. Action.
Might Speed Intellect
Initiative (Trained) Perception (Trained)
Stealth (Specialised) Social interaction (Inability)
Lockpicking (Trained) Verbal communication/Relaying information (Inability)
Light Bladed Weapons (Trained)
Light Ranged Weapons (Trained)
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