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Reece Harrison A Stealthy Sharp-eyed Soldier, who never says die! A space marine retired after 22 years.Was originally going to colonize with his family wife (Laine) and boy (Henry). But they were lost in a misjump just within the boundaries of vanished space…. presumed dead.So Reece quit the military and stayed in the area taking what ever paying jobs so he could continue the search for his family who he still believes could have survived the misjump or could return anytime….after all “Vanished Space” is a fraggin weird place!!!!

Mission log : First Impressions: I find myself hired on to a crew of mostly strangers. The mission is exploring Vanished Space which suits me as it must lead me to clues as to what happened to my boy and my sweet Lainey.anyways getting back to the crew (all are from different fields of expertise) although Spangler was on the last job and saved tactical from a suicide mission. Foot note:I Can't help myself but to try and impress him a little. The alien Sam is quite unnerving in being able to split into two entities. He and she do what's needed and they don't talk much… which suits me fine. The good doctor is just a little bit to keen to examine the crew, creepy much! the pilot unknown other than we need him Incase “Scarlet” the Ships AI stops working or demands a raise,and he does seem to be flirting with her a bit to much. The captain Virgil Keppler is an A1 glory hound,jack ass, who is gonna get some or all of us, killed but that's what airlocks are for…. space waste. Our ship is in good order… company money is always solid and this contract should help bank roll others to help in the search for my family. Should the mission not turn up anything.

Mission log 1.0: Lexington 9 Space station so far encountered panther x76 repair robots who looked to be turning hostile until we destroyed them and were warned to leave by weirdo she wolf hybrids who we fought to a standoff…..

Mission update1.1 The next thing I know I am fading in and out of consciousness.I think I manage to stagger (the wind crushed out of me by the tremendous strength of the she wolf hybrid) in the elevator with the rest of the crew, just as a putrid smell permeates the room and hundreds of small crab like robots pour from air vents and try to swarm us. I slump to the back corner of the elevator.The crew manages to shut the doors and get the lift going. Phew that was close (I remember thinking) but just then the elevator jams and we hear what can only be the crabs on the roof of the elevator!

I recall that Spangler can jury rig devices to do other things so I get him working on an EMP made from my 50 shot plasma cells weapon clip, to zap the robots.The doc and the pilot open the roof access in elevator and the some robots spill in. The EMP goes off finishing of the robots and clearing the blockage that stopped the elevator. The it slowly grinds downwards again at a snails pace.unfortunately the EMP shorts out the docs cyberware and messes him up.Things go blurry for a while and when Sam and Alice are on the roof and Sam's twin “Sam I am” is taken or absorbed some how.I hear all sorts of disturbing ranting about fleshwalls and blood tendrils and blood pours in the hatch drenching us.

Next I know w bee are all back in the lift staring at each other with open mouths and crazed looks as the musac play loop in the elevator starts over with the Beatles electronics version of “yellow submarine”. It seems like a few minutes pass and the lift grinds to a stop and the doors open with a “Bing”sound right into the middle of some crazy space satanic ritual bullshit.

It's about then that the tentacles start reaching in and grabbing up the crew. I passout as I try to flamer the one that grabs me.

I awaken looking through one eye and the other side of my face on fire in pain. I fade out again. I awaken back on the Rimor, just in time to debrief to captain dick wad.

My right eye has been destroyed and as a temporary measure I get an x76 ocular sensor to replace it.Bummer huh! upside is it makes me look like a bad ass!

Mission update 1.2 during a brief rest and heal up break. We greet a new member of the team an engineer name of Clarke, he seems fairly competent so far. So we make the decision to go down to the moon in the ships shuttle to the refuelling base. Captain dipshit makes a big show of using auto pilot then calls on Alice to take over at the last minute! So we are hailed by the base by a gruff voice that demands to know what we are doing. They take offence at Spangler's admission of that we are with the company (Void Industries).They open fire and shoot us down and thanks to Alice's piloting finesse he barrel rolls us out of the way of most of the swathe of rampart lasers. We land the ship damaged and the engines needing repair but the good news is that nanotechnology patches and time will fix / heal the shuttle.

So Sam proposes a plan to hop an auto truck from the automated line going back and forth between the mine and the refuelling station and sneak into the base. Ok so a “getting equipped” montage follows.Just as we are about go…..

Virgil points out a nearby crashed or covered spacecraft that comes up on sensor's and so it's decided we will check that out first.I position my self in a rocky alcove and slip into Overwatch (a sort of militant reverie that heightens one's combat senses, Which covers a limited arc and various triggering conditions) not entirely sure what goes on when they find the ship, other than a force field is disarmed (as I am still in overwatch)….

When all of a sudden, a biomechanical cable tries to entangle me. I quick as lighting shoot it with my blaster pistol and it lets go and retracts beneath the shattered shale groundcover. It tries again to get me and the ship takes off and frees itself from the debris of shale and heads straight at me at speed. As it advances my cyber eye spots a emergency shut down switch through an open engineering hatch,mere seconds before it would have plowed into me. Several shots later the ship slows and stops.Phew!

For some reason a countdown starts on the ship and everyone panics until apparently Sam fixes it somehow (according to scuttle butt on communicators).

I get equipped to explore the ship but the computer ai and the techs have a battle of wills and not really sure how that turned out but it all has a tie in to the she wolf hybrids and horrific imagery of dead bodies aboard this modified engineers repairship.This was garnered from a recovered child's data pad. The battle of wills still undecided between the AI and Clarke sees us locked in the spacecraft still unsure if the ships engines could go nuclear.The rest of the crew are locked out. Either way there was a lot of animosity between the team and a a lot of tension between everyone and Virgil will be lucky if someone doesn't strand him on the abandoned space station Lexington 9.log Out…

Log 1.3 We are sealed in the spacecraft and the AI fengyr uploads to Clarke's brain via his data jack.Virgil orders Dorn and Mac back to our ship to make sure it's readied for evac. He orders us to search ship and the infiltrate the refuelling station. Yes sir captain jerkface! After searching the ship even after I find a book on engineering, it's determined that there is no stopping the chain reaction which will make the reactor go nuclear. But Clarke and fengyr can get the ship up and running and send it safely into space.I touch my ruined face and aggressively suggest that we crash the ship on auto pilot into Lexington 9 and wipeout that nightmare after a minor explosion on board the ship, we find a few useful items and the we exit the ship and launch it into space and at Lexington 9.

Into phase 2 of the plan….we then proceed to hop an auto truck to the base and after a few attempts we get on board one and we are off to the refuelling station. The cargo on one of these trucks is a substance that makes people phase out of this plane affecting limbs if they come in to contact with it and it also causes me to have vivid hallucinations of my wife and boy but they are bloodied and creepy, it takes all my will to resist calling out to them.

So all that aside we sneak into the facility, and see the ship that has been sending a mayday signal docked and is in poor repair and bodies of the she wolf hybrids litter the area all gunned down by the looks of it.

Typically before we can form the next phase in our plan we are all promptly caught in an electrical energy surge security trap and captured by Leo the leader Of this base and his robot croonies.

We are all convinced to clear out the ship of the remaining she wolf hybrids.eye for an eye I reckon.There is a mist like substance (the same stuff as was cargo on the auto trucks) that hinders approach to the ship. I nimbly tumble leap and duck for cover and make it around the mist, all the while, just looking a little impressive! ( I bet Spangler saved the feed on his comms 😀). Luckily whilst showing off I manage to avoid a blast cannon shot from the ship. I couldn't do that Again if I wanted too.just another reason to get my hate on to these damn hybrids.

We explore the ship and find Hecate a she wolf hybrid whose legs are phased out by the substance. She is questioned by Sam until Sam loses patience with her and grazes her with her blaster. I just draw my blaster and blow her head off saying something about to much talking ! She was also about to blow up the ship . We are about to go Find the captain and the hunt begins!

Log4. As we are about to seek out the device the captain possesses the rest of the crew arrive having seen our good work with Lexington 9 Virgil is ropable and very displeased As I look around the group I almost simultaneously see safety's come off weapons and holster come unclipped as the thoughts of mutiny run through everyone's minds. He demands to know what we have been up to…. ( leaving out or outright lying about anything that might get us into trouble). So We tell him the edited version and he is still “ not a happy camper”.Captain Virgil keen to re-establish his authority starts barking orders at us. I think Clarke disappears quickly to deal with the miasma issue by trying to purge the ship of as much as he can. I slip into the calming oblivion of overwatch and cover the entrance whilst everyone goes on a looting rampage. A few minutes later a mad scientist like laboratory is found and dorn is in hog heaven. Everything is hazy from this point all happening quickly and sureally, as a she wolf cub appears speaks briefly then disappears. Then an 8'tall shadowy beast with tendrils covered in boney protrusions whips them out and hits and hurt everyone. Dorn tips out jars that contain ghost juice affected critters (like a snake and a rat) and they attack us turns out that this is nearly all a hallucination.

Log5.0 Virgillllllll! You total Smeg head, Ass hat……. I decided that I won't kill you! I will just not rescue you when you need it ❗❗❗ Ok that stuff not withstanding, Sam goes missing and Virgil commands me to search down a corridor that has the ghost juice flowing down it. I am resistant to the idea until Virgil starts ordering me to. So I try to swing above the juice from anchor points, but I slip and my leg goes in the liquid.I then I am attacked by a ghostly snake form which I scramble up the ladder back to the group with a greatly appreciated helping hand from Clarke.As soon as I return Virgil orders me back down there.Various scenario's flash through my mind all of them having a common theme of the violent death of our captain by my hands! So,I indignantly take step back from the ladder down to the corridor and drop a thermite grenade through the hatch, (with a defiant Smile).Also adding a slightly delayed “fire in the hole” !Boom the juice is dispersed temporarily, which allows us to continue. but wrecks the leg is phased out and makes movement hard. We find a room with lots of seats and luggage compartments possibly a passenger area. What looks like a babies crib is in the room. Spangler and Clarke check that out, but I go through the luggage ( looking for a clue to what happened here?) Suddenly a ghostly apparition appears and rushes to attack.The ghostly mother moves towards me, I reflexively fire my hand blaster slightly dissipating the ghosts incorporeal form. Clarke takes his plasma welder to the contents of the crib and the apparition turns to swoop at him and spangler. I think… I fire again and miss or barely clip the fast moving bitch. It viciously lashes out at Clarke infecting his limbs with the juice… he collapses spangler retreats and I blast into the ghost with a shot center torso it disintegrates almost instantly as I collapse to the floor exhausted, we all regroup and hold up for a break for a good hour before we continue…. one word Virgil :-X and we will need to advertise a position vacant …..Starship captain.

Log6.0 So at this point “running the gauntlet as Leo described our assault on the intricus latet, is running far from, tactical precision. We stumble further into the bowels of the ship discovering a room with a couple of pony sized spider formed robots.warranting further investigation … Sam sneaks into the room to search for loot/ships captain.I put down Derek who I have been carrying because of his limbs being infected with the ghost juice.I follow Sam in and trip with my (jury rigged) leg brace and fall in front of the robots which activates them both they have lasers there is an exchange of laser fire between the crew one of the spider robots is destroyed and the other shuts down. Sam finds a hidden cache of old melee weapons.In a collaboration of ideas Derek and I rig him up to the spiderbot the idea of using the shut down robot as a drone for his own transportation needs on the ship (until the ghost juice wears off) which looks very cool also.We continue our search of ship… I find a robotic servant that is a repair droid for ship and we get the ship schematics,making it way easier to narrow the search.We decide to stay clear of the cargo area that Sam described his races weird ceremony.The Mission continues, we discover a room with a kinda throne with the corpse of the captain in it. A multitude of Ghosts circle the corpse.we devise a plan to use grenades that I took from the ships armoury to disperse/ destroy the ghosts. So we can get to the captains corpse. So we go in grenades flying all at once(amazingly Virgil “man's up”? and fights as hard as anyone) and guns blasting as the corpse of captain and human remains from the rest of the crew form a gigantic corpse and bone serpentine golem like entity. It attacks us. All guns turn to it and blast away to little effect. The last of the ghosts are finally dispersed. I score the The kill shot on this horrific creature naturally and the item we were after is finally ours.Now can we dam well have a breather so we can get ready for Leo's double cross phew ! Log7.0 So it turns out that we all restore our ghost juiced bits with the control device, and we trust Leo at his word that he will let us go if we ran the gauntlet. I am not sure what happens after this other than a beautiful woman gauntau steals my heart and virgil tries to win her heart also…grrrr from this point we are locked in a surreal competition for her affections. Leo uses her to get us to go negotiate with base Mendoza 5 to stop the ghost juice being dumped at his refuelling station Langtang 1.We go there and both Sam and I sneak inside the facility undetected.Spangler tries open diplomacy….Surely, that couldn't go wrong !!??!!?? Log 8 So deep within the mine we discover that the humans are cultists to the mad devil God blah blah… they also have a company of x86 0panther bots my old adversaries 😎. Sam's copy /extention and I are following spangler stealthily through the complex when the cultists attempt to kill or capture us with x86 ,panther bots. I will have no part of this.I charge into danger taking on a dozen of the bots from ambush focusing my deadly aim on a group of three they are incenerated by my flamer and I further damage a couple more before the force of there retaliation throws me and I bash my head and black out, (damn shame as I am confident I could have taken them it would have been close). Before I black out Spangler and Sam take on a couple too I think we took out five and damaged a couple. Luckily for us the cultists were happy to sacrifice us to there devil God rather then out right kill us. As my eyes open, I disguise that I have woken and assess the situation.Derek (who must have been captured also)is suspended over some swirly magic portal thingy with Miasma surrounding it ( ghost juice ). So the cultists wanna sacrifice him first.I escape my bonds and Spangler slips away and locates our weaponry and gear. A few cultists sacrifice themselves to the dark devil when it becomes apparent that we are becoming free the panther bots attack again .I am pissed and resort to physically punching, kneeing and elbowing the bots in my heavy powered up armour and being familiar with there weakspots now, I destroy two and smash another to pieces with the mechanical skull and spine of previous bot. Sam aids in dispatching others as I run and retrieve my weapons from spangler, the ceremony reaches its crescendo the devil is just about to check into reality's hotel… Just as Derek escapes his bonds.I start firing my heavy fusion blaster blasting into the bots and a stray shot hit the ceiling, Suddenly a huge chunk of the ceiling collapses and takes out the remaining bots. This sparks an idea…. as I unleash into the ceiling above the devil and collapse the entire ceiling into the portal and out of the corner of my eye I see a staligitite Peirce the chest of the creature as I pause to grab my gear and we all run for it barely escaping the collapsing the mine we catch our breath and find the smashed remains of borge Leo's nervous robot companion. What Next ?

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