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Reece Harrison A Stealthy Sharp-eyed Soldier, who never says die! A space marine retired after 22 years.Was originally going to colonize with his family wife (Laine) and boy (Henry). But they were lost in a misjump presumed Reece quit the military and stayed in the area taking what ever paying jobs so he could continue the search for his family who he still believes could have survived the misjump or could return anytime….

Mission log : First Impressions: I find myself hired on to a crew of mostly strangers, (all different fields of expertise) although Spangler was on the last job and saved tactical from a suicide mission. Foot note:I Can't help myself but to try and impress him a little. The alien Sam is quite unnerving in being able to split into two entities. He and she do what's needed and they don't talk much… which suits me fine. The good doctor is just a little bit to keen to examine the crew, creepy much! the pilot unknown other than we need him Incase “Scarlet” the Ships AI stops working or demands a raise,and he does seem to be flirting with her a bit to much. The captain Virgil Keppler is an A1 glory hound,jack ass, who is gonna get some or all of us, killed but that's what airlocks are for…. space waste. Our ship is in good order… company money is always solid and this contract should help in the search for my family.

Mission log 1.0:Lexington 9 Space station so far encountered panther x76 repair robots who looked to be turning hostile until we destroyed them and were warned to leave by weirdo she wolf hybrids who we fought to a standoff…..

Mission update1.1 The next thing I know I am fading in and out of consciousness.I think I manage to stagger (the wind crushed out of me by the tremendous strength of the she wolf hybrid) in the elevator with the rest of the crew, just as a putrid smell permeates the room and hundreds of small crab like robots pour from air vents and try to swarm us. I slump to the back corner of the elevator.The crew manages to shut the doors and get the lift going. Phew that was close (I remember thinking) but just then the elevator jams and we hear what can only be the crabs on the roof of the elevator!

I recall that Spangler can jury rig devices to do other things so I get him working on an EMP made from my 50 shot plasma cells weapon clip, to zap the robots.The doc and the pilot open the roof access in elevator and the some robots spill in. The EMP goes off finishing of the robots and clearing the blockage that stopped the elevator. The it slowly grinds downwards again at a snails pace.unfortunately the EMP shorts out the docs cyberware and messes him up.Things go blurry for a while and when Sam and Alice are on the roof and Sam's twin “Sam I am” is taken or absorbed some how.I hear all sorts of disturbing ranting about fleshwalls and blood tendrils and blood pours in the hatch drenching us.

Next I know we are all back in the lift staring at each other with open mouths and crazed looks as the musac play loop in the elevator starts over with the Beatles electronics version of “yellow submarine”. It seems like a few minutes pass and the lift grinds to a stop and the doors open with a “Bing”sound right into the middle of some crazy space satanic ritual bullshit.

It's about then that the tentacles start reaching in and grabbing up the crew. I passout as I try to flamer the one that grabs me.

I awaken looking through one eye and the other side of my face on fire in pain. I fade out again. I awaken back on the Rimor, just in time to debrief to captain dick wad.

My right eye has been destroyed and as a temporary measure I get an x76 ocular sensor to replace it.Bummer huh! upside is it makes me look like a bad ass!

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