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Albert Spangler

Played by Adam Taylor Albert Spangler is an empathic diplomat who operates undercover.


Not a lot is known about Albert Spangler, the only records of him are recent and don't delve too deeply into his past. He is a human male of average height, completely bald with nondescript facial features. He is quite softly spoken and tries his hardest to blend in with his surroundings. He prefers to use his brains over brawn. He is quite often seen carrying an umbrella.

Tier Effort XP
3 3 1
Might Speed Intellect
Maximum 12 14 20
Edge 3
Special Abilities
Erase Memories: You reach into the mind of a creature within immediate range and make an Intellect roll. On a success, you erase up to the last five minutes of its memory. Action.
Spin Identity: You convince all intelligent creatures who can see, hear, and understand you that you are someone or something other than who you actually are. You don’t impersonate a specific individual known to the victim. Instead, you convince the victim that you are someone they do not know belonging to a certain category of people. “We’re from the government.” “I’m just a simple farmer from the next town over.” “Your commander sent me.” A disguise isn’t necessary, but a good disguise will almost certainly be an asset to the roll involved. If you attempt to convince more than one creature, the Intellect cost increases by 1 point per additional victim. Fooled creatures remain so for up to an hour, unless your actions or other circumstances reveal your true identity earlier. Action.
Tinker: You make a device do something different from its original purpose. For example, a blaster becomes a bomb. A scanner becomes a signal booster for a radio transmitter. A music player becomes a battery for another device. The effective level of the modified device is 1 lower than normal, and the device is rendered unusable until repaired. Action to initiate
Babel: After hearing a language spoken for a few minutes, you can speak it and make yourself understood. If you continue to use the language to interact with native speakers, your skills improve rapidly, to the point where you might be mistaken for a native speaker after just a few hours of speaking the new language. Enabler.
Discerning Mind: You have +3 to Armor against damaging attacks and damaging effects that target your mind and Intellect. The difficulty of defence rolls you make against attacks that attempt to confuse, persuade, frighten, or otherwise influence you is decreased by one step. Enabler
Expert Cypher Use: You can bear three cyphers at a time.
Telling (2 Intellect points): This ability provides an asset to any tasks attempting to deceive, persuade, or intimidate. Each use lasts up to a minute; a new use (to switch tasks) replaces the previous use. Action to initiate.
Might Speed Intellect
Lockpicking (Trained)Sensing other emotions, discerning dispositions, and getting a hunch about people around you (Trained)
Stealth (Trained)Social interaction, pleasant or otherwise. (Specialized)
Disguise (Specialized)
Perception (Trained)
Cryptography (Specialized)
Deceiving (Specialized)
Breaking into computer (Trained)
Intellect Defence (Inability)

Mission Log 1

Personal notes on the first steps on our mission to explore the Vanishing Void.

After arriving on the Tombe 5 we were taken to a conference room where we were met by members of the board of Void Industries and Captain Virgil Kepler. We were given our mission to look for the missing colony ships in the Vanishing void.

We were joined by Captain Kepler on our mission

The Lexington 9 space station was only partly complete when we arrived, our pilot Alice mac was able to dock us successfully, and the umbilical attached with only a couple mishaps.

Once we were onboard we found some robots that were identified by Alice as Panther X76 automated build and defence robots. The crazed doctor Victor Dorn opened a door which left us covered ash. He later identified to be ash from a humanoid.

Saamerin'tlakadrt had an encounter with a creature that told him to leave. Some of us tried to convince the Captain that we should leave but he pushed us onward.

In the end we had to fight some of the X76 robots. We also found some weird and terrifying she-wolf humanoid creatures that we had to fight , we were only just barely able to survive the encounter. What appeared to be their leader managed to get away.

Just when we though we could catch our breath we were assaulted by the reek of a charnel house, I am not afraid to mention that at the moment I felt we were doomed.

Alice went over to the consoles to see what data he could recover, while he did that others explored the room.

All of a sudden there was a scuttling noise and some sort of crab-like robots entered the room and started to scan the general vicinity, including us, more crab robots entered the room. At that point we decided to scarper.

We made it back to the elevator and one of the sneaky blighters made it in with us, I gave him the sole of my shoe and that ended him.

The elevator started down and then ground to a halt. The scuttling noise was back, only this time it was louder, and then all of a sudden the panel in the elevator falls to the floor and crabs enter, at this point I feel quite a bit of panic.

Victor boosted Alice up to see what he could do about fixing the elevator. As that was happening Reece handed me a cartridge and asks if I can jury rig up an EMP device. I get to work on that, as I do I hear Alice scream and he falls back into the room.

More and more of the robots are now entering the elevator as I tinker with the EMP device. Finally it is finished and I let it off without another thought, and it was extremely effective. In my haste though I forget to take into account that Victor is a cyborg and that he would be affected.

Alice now climbs into the empty elevator shaft and gets it moving again, though the going is slow. He then goes to Victors aid and gets him back on his feet. During this time Saamerin'tlakadrt climbs up on top of the elevator.

It then calls down asking if elevator walls are supposed to bleed and if we have seen the other part of its being as it has gone missing.

The blood begins draining into the elevator, Victor ever the inquisitive one examines it.

As we reach the floor there is a crashing sound on the elevator doors, Saamerin'tlakadrt calls out to see if its his other half. All of a sudden the elevator doors explode inwards.

What happened next will haunt my dreams for a long time to come. There were tentacles that acted like the Hydra of ancient legend, there were cultists eating the heart of Saamerin'tlakadrt, and the Wolf Mother that fled from before coming back and trying to kill us all.

The fighting was horrific. Saamerin'tlakadrt seemed to enter an extreme bloodlust, poor Reece, who was on the very edge of death lost an eye, and I ended up with a chain embedded in my chest.

By sheer luck we won the fight and slowly made out way back to The Rimor, where Captain Virgil demanded an immediate debriefing. He was persuaded to allow the briefing to happen after Reece was stabilised.

We then had out debriefing, me still with the chain in my chest. The Captain demanded we go back and clean out the station, the man is clearly insane as we only barely made it out of the station alive ourselves. In the end the doctor offers to come up with a way to destroy the lifeforms without too much of a further risk to our lives.

I am having some serious doubts about being on this mission, not that I have a choice. There seems to be something not quite right about what is happening.

Mission Log 2

A new member to our crew arrived late to the party via atmospheric bubble from Tombe 5, Derek Clarke an engineer by trade. Before he could get too comfortable aboard our tiresome Captain set us off on a new mission down to the refuelling station Langtang 1. Virgil decides to fly us down himself. Along the way, while bellyaching about how we handled our last mission, he gets Alice to take over as the auto-pilot has sent us off a bit skew-whiff. All of a sudden a message is heard “MAYDAY MAYDAY”. Before anyone can react we can hear a munitions warning, Virgil yells at Alice to take evasive manoeuvres.

As Alice takes these manoeuvres Saamerin'tlakadrt for one reason or another unbuckles themselves, they then fly around the cabin and run into poor Reece.

Just as that happens a grumpy voice comes over the communications asking us to identify ourselves, the ever exasperating Captain turns to me to deal with whoever this is. Unfortunately my powers of charm and persuasion were not enough to cause us to get out of the situation unscathed and we were shot down.

After we land and compose ourselves I manage to tinker around and make a useable rebreather. Saamerin'tlakadrt convinces the Captain that we should all leave the ship and attempt to ambush one of the vehicles heading towards the refuelling station.

The Captain is the first to leave the ship, because of his irritating behaviour to the entire crew I raise my blaster and aim it at his back, only to lower it again. There is no telling what Void Industries would do if he went missing, and to what lengths Chairman Mansa would go to find out.

We travel until we come across a barrier. There are some strange scratch markings nearby. I realise that it is a bastardised version of an ancient language, I quickly decipher it and realise that it is instructions on how to use the barrier. I lower the barrier, as I do Virgil congratulates me and tells me to follow Sam, his superior tone grating on my nerves.

As we move ahead the shale we are walking on starts to move and a hole opens up. I see Saamerin'tlakadrt disappear into it, I run over to investigate. All of a sudden there is chaos, biomechanical cables erupt from the shale grabbing people, I decide to jump into the hole, and not long afterwards Victor slides in barely missing Saamerin'tlakadrt and I.

As the ship flies up there is a bright flash, like that of a blaster going off. All of a sudden I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as the ship lurches, and finally crashes.

Everyone finally makes it inside the crashed vessel, Virgil bringing up the rear. It is decided that Derek and Alice should attempt to fix the ship and get it back working . While they are working Saamerin'tlakadrt goes off scouting in the ship.

All of a sudden right in front of me I see a timer appear in the strange language. It only has 30 seconds left on it. I let everyone in the room know as I leg it out of the ship. After I get away from the ship I get a message from Saamerin'tlakadrt asking me to decipher something, in my haste I had totally forgotten they had wandered off, I warn them they have 15 seconds to get off the ship. I hold my breath as I count down the seconds. 10 seconds left, they still haven't escaped, 5 seconds left and my heart is thumping hard because if they don't survive it will be on my conscience. Just as the clock reaches 0.01 they erupt from the hatch and make it.

I expect an explosion, but nothing happens. Some of the others decide to investigate the ship, I firmly stand my ground outside, they send a view of the countdown, it has stopped at 0.01. Our engineer Derek Clarke somehow talks to the ships AI and gets it to agree to go to the refuelling station, next I know the hatch has shut and I look over who is left outside, to my horror I realise that Reece is inside the ship.

Our Captain decides to take Alice and Victor back to the shuttle, instructing Saamerin'tlakadrt and I to get Derek and Reece out of the wolf ship. While we are trying to work out how to accomplish our mission Reece luckily finds an instruction manual for the running and repair of the ship in the strange script. However, there is no mention of an onboard AI in said manual.

I am starting to doubt Derek's sanity.

The hatch opens and Saamerin'tlakadrt and I board the ship. Once aboard Derek is able to provide lights and a breathable atmosphere for us. What happens next is hard to explain, but Saamerin'tlakadrt climbs out of their space suit and then they become themselves again. It never ceases to unnerve me that they can seemingly disintegrate and reintegrate themselves at will.

Saamerin'tlakadrt takes us back to the room they were standing out front of when the countdown began, they ask me to identify the symbols, it is the Alphas room. Inside is a disgusting, smelly mess. The other Saamerin'tlakadrt asks me to identify another room they have found, which appears to be the medbay. The door however is locked, as they fiddle with it to open it there is an explosion which I get caught amongst, only causing some minor burns. We eventually get in and have a look around. There are all sorts of interesting things in here, I gather a beaker with some putty in it as Reece brings over a patch to see if I can identify it. However as I go to we somehow manage to destroy it.

We eventually leave the ship, on the way out Derek sets the ship, which is doomed to explode, on a collision course with Lexington 9.

After leaving the vessel we decide to enact the plan we had to start with, it was time for us to try our hand and getting on one of those trucks. It takes us a couple of attempts to have everyone get successfully aboard. The first time Saamerin'tlakadrt and Derek don't make it and these whitish bubble of something fall out on them, causing them to have body parts that partially phase out of sync. Saamerin'tlakadrt calls this whitish substance 'Ghost Juice'.

While travelling to the refuelling station on the second truck everyone hunkers down amongst some gravel in order to hide ourselves. When we arrive at the station a blue light scans over us, but no alarm sounds and we begin to travel further. I pop my head up and see a bunch of dead wolf women near a derelict looking ship and then I notice that we are about to go down a dark tunnel. I tell my companions what I can see and then leap out, not knowing what is in the dark. As luck would have it Saamerin'tlakadrt falls out the front of the vehicle which sets off an alarm, there are some floodlights no appearing in the darkness. I look for somewhere to hide, but before I can spot anything I hear the sizzle of electricity and see darkness.

I slowly come to in a room, my hands manacled to a wall. I inwardly groan “Not again”. As my vision and hearing start to clear I can see a man in the middle of the room and 3 robots. One of the robots is feminine named Gantau, one is just bristling with weapons M'Koni, and the last appears to be quite timid Borge. It is the same man that shot us down, Leo. Saamerin'tlakadrt is talking, which is not their strong suit. Gantau walks over to Saamerin'tlakadrt and asks if they can have them as a pet. I try to muster up all my skills to try and get us out of this situation that we seem to be in. Unluckily for me Leo recognises my voice from my earlier failed attempt at diplomacy.

Leo asks Gantau to bring me to him. As she comes over I cannot help but notice there is a distinct, but unnameable, aroma coming from this robot. I grin a little foolishly and follow her over toward where Leo is sitting, as she turns to move away she gives me a little 'boop' on the nose. Then all of a sudden I feel a sharp pain, I look down and see a knife in my side, I follow the hand up the arm and look at Leo as he withdraws it and tastes my blood. Apparently he believes he can taste if you are a traitor by licking your blood.

He demands we run the 'Gauntlet' and retrieve the Captains Control from the Intrisicus Latet. Having no other option left to us we agree.

We receive our equipment back and head above ground where we finally get our ammunition back. There before us is the Intisicus Latet, the thick white 'Ghost Juice' emanating from the derelict looking vessel. The bodies of the wolf women lay there in mute testament of the troubles ahead.

Reece, ever on guard, decides to do some reconnaissance around the perimeter of the ship. In an impressive display of manoeuvres he manages to avoid the 'Ghost Juice' while scanning the area. All of a sudden a massive laser charges up and fires in his direction. Ever vigilant for danger he manages to evade the shot which nearly disintegrates the wall next to him.

While all this is happening Saamerin'tlakadrt activates a pair of rocket boots they have and scouts the ship for an entrance that we can use without having to walk through the 'Ghost Juice'. They eventually find one and manage to lower a ramp of force, and out way to the ship seems clear. As I near the top I notice a spectral hand reaching out toward Saamerin'tlakadrt. I warn them and as I do they duck behind Reece as Derek reflexively fires a shot destroying it.

His shot however did not come without consequences, luckily for us Derek is quite a capable engineer and was able to repair the airlock mechanism that he destroyed with his shot.

We enter the ship and luckily there is no 'Ghost Juice' on this level. Saamerin'tlakadrt scouts ahead as the rest of us carefully move forward. We eventually catch up with Saamerin'tlakadrt and a wolf woman named Hecate, the lower portion of the latter having sunk through the floor. This 'Ghost Juice' as Saamerin'tlakadrt calls it is getting more and more worrisome the more I see it. Hecate explains what happened to her and that she is trying to destroy the ship, as well as where the Captains Control is. However a brief argument erupts between her and Saamerin'tlakadrt and she lunges at her. Saamerin'tlakadrt fires their blaster hitting the wolf woman. Reece who is a much better shot fires as well and puts a blaster bolt through her brain.

After that whole kerfuffle Captain Virgil appears along with Victor and Alice, demanding to know what is going on and what happened to the Lexington 9. We try to calm him down and explain things when the speaker on Derek's shoulder crackles to life telling him we were responsible for the crashing. Quite angry with us the Captain sends us off to explore the ship while getting Derek to go outside and take watch.

I open the first door I can find on the left, inside the room are lots of panels, a glowing thing I recognise as a teleporter, and some gizmos and widgets. As I go over to see what I can do with the teleporter Victor goes to fiddle with the gizmos and sets off some sparks of electricity which hit me and some others.

Disoriented I look around to get my bearings and notice I am back outside the ship. A shot rings out barely missing Alice, Derek apologises because he wasn't expecting to see anyone and we frightened him. I decide to head back into the ship.

As I arrive back where Virgil is he orders me back into the teleporter room, I sigh and move in expecting the worse, nothing happens.

At this point Victor returns and his legs are slightly translucent as he explains that the 'ghost juice' is a living organism. He then goes on the decide that we need to get the teleporter off this ship and take it back to ours.

Reece and I look around the teleporter room as everyone else slowly leaves it. Once we have given it a good look over we leave and head to the room across the hall. Inside the room we find Saamerin'tlakadrt and Victor (the latter who looks to be in heaven as the room looks like his personal wonderland), before we can get too far in some gas erupts from a vent and Victor and Saamerin'tlakadrt fall to the ground unconscious. At this point the Captain comes in demanding to know if Saamerin'tlakadrt had found a toilet. Reece and I explain what we saw and the Captain makes a comment about Saamerin'tlakadrt should be used to gas as they are an alien. He then orders Reece to wake up Victor, who then wakes up Saamerin'tlakadrt.

The next bit is a bit hazy, but from what I can remember there was a crash and Saamerin'tlakadrt tripped over and then all hell broke loose. A massive monster appeared, it had tendrils with bony protrusions and glowing eyes. We all reacted by trying to destroy it, and it took a fair amount of work. During the battle various 'ghost juice' creatures were released from jars and were part of the fracas. After it is all done and dusted a juvenile wolf-woman appears.

I point my blaster at her and who she is. She doesn't really answer except to say that I am food and should be hunted. Victor tells her he destroyed her whole family on the station, she leaps at him and she's blown away. Hopefully that's the last we see of them.

As I have a look around this mad scientist emporium, Saamerin'tlakadrt notices their arm has phased through their space suit. Victor offers to amputate the arm quite enthusiastically, Saamerin'tlakadrt leaves quickly.

Alice finds a room full of strange symbols and asks me over to try and decipher them. I look at them for a while and am unable to make them out as they keep moving and changing.

Alberts Opinions on other Characters
Victor DornWary of the mad doctors brash behaviour and their insistence of giving everyone an examination. However he has proven himself to be able to ferret out information
Saamerin'tlakadrtHas proven to be a brave companion, willing to be at the front of exploration. Perplexed about their species.
Alice MacSeems to be good at their job piloting the ship and their technical know-how, however a couple of space mishaps places a little doubt about their other skills.
Reece HarrisonA great companion to have by your side, what they meant when they coined the word soldier.
Derek ClarkeAn engineer that seems to be up to scratch, though a bit wary that he was talking to an AI in a strange alien ship.
Alberts Opinions on met NPC's
Captain Virgil KeplerThe cheerfulness and gung-ho attitude tests the limits of patience.
ScarletShips AI, has an alluring voice and seems quite capable of most tasks handed to her
MansaExtraordinarily wary of the chair of the board.
PharoahFinds The amount of arms and legs off-putting.
MaharajiniIntrigued by their translucent body and radiant skin.
ObaJealous of their ability to fade from peoples thoughts and the fact that they are so androgynous.
LeoAfraid of their paranoia and irrationality.
M'KoniA walking armoury that is to be feared.
BorgeFeels pity about towards the poor robot.
GantauWhen near them all rational thought goes out the window, does not want to continue to be in their presence.
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