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 [[playercharacters:​albertspangler | Albert Spangler]]\\ [[playercharacters:​albertspangler | Albert Spangler]]\\
 [[playercharacters:​gunslinger | Alice Mac]]\\ [[playercharacters:​gunslinger | Alice Mac]]\\
 +[[playercharacters:​derekclarke | Derek Clarke]]\\
 [[playercharacters:​reeceharrison | Reece Harrison]]\\ [[playercharacters:​reeceharrison | Reece Harrison]]\\
 [[playercharacters:​snowman | Saamerin'​tlakadrt]]\\ [[playercharacters:​snowman | Saamerin'​tlakadrt]]\\
 [[playercharacters:​victordorn | Victor Dorn]] [[playercharacters:​victordorn | Victor Dorn]]
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