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Void Industries

Void Industries began as a scientific outfit centuries ago. They developed vaccines, stasis and psionic enhancing drugs in the main part. Over time the organisation has grown and also taken on a religious like demeanor among the highest level employees.

Outwardly the company appears to be a simple mega-corporation out to better the bottom line of profit. Inwardly there is a divide in the company. Those that do the work and those that rule the work. Anyone that has any contact with the higher echelons of management in the company find them to be highly secular. They wear a uniform of white and gold and seem to call each other by names taken from ruling castes across the galaxies. They also tend to be heavily genetically modified humans.Those that do the work seem to be relatively normal individuals from all walks of life though.

Most regular individuals know Void Industries through there creation of vaccines and stasis inducing drugs on colonist ships that were built by the Weyland Corporation. Outer reaches of space at the time were only accessible through a state of suspended animation which Void Industries provided. Since that time Void Industries seem to have become enamored with their own program of space exploration and have recently started moving much of their operations to the farthest reaches of space.

Briefing to the players has revealed that the organisation is in the exploration for the long run and that they trust the crew's judgement on what they must do in each situation. They have stressed that the expedition is to uncover what has happened to all colony ships that have disappeared into the Vanishing Zone and that particular attention should be paid to those things that may be profitable to the company longer term.

Known Assets

Board Members

  • Mansa: Chair of the board. Travels in anti-gravity ovoid transparent sphere filled with water (or other unknown liquid) roughly 15' tall and 10' width. Elongated limbs, webbed. Blue skin mottled - human genetically modified. DN 3 except in social interactions - DN 10 (Frail, Athletic, Fearless).
  • Pharoah: Chief of Engineering division. Bronze skinned, squat, six legs circular around trunk of body, four arms circular around shoulders. Bald - human genetically modified. DN 6 except in social interactions - DN 4 (Superstitious, Horrific, Wild).
  • Maharajini: Head of Exploration division. Sheer white robe as opposed to the thicker white robes of her contemporaries. Translucent, radiant skin that reveals inner organs and musculature. Slender and attractive with platinum hair. Human - genetically modified. DN 5 (Lucky, Young, Melodramatic).
  • Oba: Head of Scientific Research Division. Androgenous human with no discernable features. Only when looking at Oba may one be certain what it looks like. Even when viewing an image of Oba it causes disbelief in the viewers mind unless they look directly at Oba. Genetically modified human. DN 4 unless with science DN 8 (Silly, Clueless, Indecisive).
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