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Welcome to Void Industries

This Wiki is dedicated to the new Science Fiction/Horror role-playing game being played in the Cypher System RPG. The game will also heavily be influenced by the games Stars Without Number and Silent Legions created by Kevin Crawford at Sine Nomine Games. It is a game being held in North-West Tasmania and this Wiki is designed to reveal to players the information that they have on the game as it stands.

This benefits others in a way so they can use the revealed (and revealing) setting material for their own games if needed - so keep an eye out for changes. Updates will hopefully happen after each weeks game to reveal material on what the players discovered. It will cover non-player characters, locations, organisations and anything else I think is cool.

Hopefully the players will take control of their own pages for their characters and expand on the information here also. If not I will try to keep things updated for their individual characters where I can.

Finally, this site is for the setting of the game. If you want to read my (the Games Master - Mark Knights) comments on the game and many, many other things you can check out my blog. It is located at and has heaps of articles about all sorts of stuff. Please take a look around over there!

Pages soon to arrive

Pages that have arrived!

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