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The time is shortly after the year 2100, the location is the first world. Massive megacorporations dominate the economic landscape and incredible advances in technology make the most miraculous things possible, from dream recording and genetic modification to medical nanotechnology and microfusion power generators. But the most earth-shaking development of the 21st century is one we're only beginning to comprehend.

As the 22nd century dawns, the inner and outer realities of SlipSpace are opening for exploration in new and experimental vehicles known as SlipShips. The bold explorers who pilot these vehicles face a multiverse of physical and psychological dangers to bring back priceless scientific knowledge and powerful artifacts from far-flung dimensions and alternate timelines. They're called DayTrippers - and you're one of them.

Inspired by the surrealistic science fiction of Moebius, Moorcock, Rucker, Weinbaum, Heinlein, Vance, and other masters of weirdness, the DayTrippers system can be used for either 'GM-Lite' one-shot collaborative play, or heavily-prepped, long-term roleplaying campaigns.

The system uses d6s only · Character generation is progressive point-buy · Actions are skill-based · Results are narratively interpreted · Experience points offer advancements of all types · Conversion tables included for d20, PbtA and percentage-based systems · Sample characters and vehicles included · Progressive Character Generation and LifeShaping Events make characters flexible and easy to create · Action Resolution is both numeric and interpretive, creating a wide range of dramatic outcomes for every roll.

This Complete Game System Contains:
· History & Setting
· MegaCorporations & Companies
· Character Build System
· Progressive Character Generation
· Ship Construction
· Sample Characters
· Generic Characters
· Action Resolution
· Helping
· Taking Harm
· Healing
· Combat Rules
· Vehicular Action
· Vehicular Combat
· Vector Slipping
· Earning & Spending Experience
· Rules for Collaborative Play
· System Conversion Tables
· PC Sheet
· Ship Sheet



The premise of this game is set in Science Fiction. Sort of, it is more a near future styled game where a mad scientist makes an amazing discovery that changes the worlds view of reality beyond all expectations. The mad scientist basically creates a ship that can hop dimensions, in many different ways. It can time travel, it can go to alternate worlds, it can go to weird dream dimensions and areas of total chaos and unreal vistas. They each have a different styled term for the type of “Slip” that you are making but in essence his discovery reveals that our world is at a nexus of other dimensions that stream off in different directions and streams.

That may seem a little wordy and you may feel that this is a hard concept to deal with in game, but I would say it is little different to the idea of a game of Rifts, the old TV show Sliders and the like. The game also takes a slight humorous twist with everything. The writing at the very start of the book is filled with jokes and humour that is “hidden” to a degree. They are not hard work to find but you do need to keep your mind and eyes open to find them. Pay attention to things like acronym’s and certain word plays and you will find out what I mean. Not to mention the obvious humour like how the mad scientist has a following online that are hobbyist electricians that are making their own slip ships along with him only to find out that it works and this group of hobbyists are in prime position to risk the danger of “slip” streaming.

You have everything in this book to run a game, the Gamemaster guide appears to be a helping book as opposed to a necessary one. There is no requirement to buy both as planning and details of how to run a game are all here. The structure of the game is narrative based with a crunchy but simple back end of rules. Many of the dice rolls allow the PC to take over the narrative “as if you are the GM for a turn” and there is a discussion about how everyone should be involved in the building of the story. In fact, in the game design section the players are actively involved in coming up with the building blocks of their next jump, which is a really cool idea.

The mechanic is an interesting one where they use a d6 system. Your character rolls their statistic value number of dice and if they have a skill that would affect the roll this is added to the final result of the highest die rolled. Let me elaborate. If I had a Grace statistic of 3 and a Piloting skill of +1 and I was seeking to arrive on an alternate Earth (a Difficulty Level of 3) whilst piloting my “Slip Ship” I roll 3d6 getting 2, 3 and 6. I take the highest roll of 6 and add my skill to it getting 7 total but as I do not have the Slip Dynamics skill I lose two (a modifier) to get 5 total meaning I exceed the DL by two so get a Yes (I make it where I was hoping to) And result (gaining 1 XP for being awesome). It is a simple mechanic and the numbers of dice being rolled at any one time tend never to be higher than 6 so you do not end up having to buy new dice (Shadowrun) just to be able to roll one test.

This game has had criticism leveled at it for being too intellectual. I can see where the criticism comes from but I do not necessarily agree with it. The science in the game is described in the way most of the rules are, succinctly. That means you can suddenly feel like you have been hit with a physics text book, but in reality the science is secondary to the narrative. For example, my head was a little bit swimming after this;

Slip Coordinates are more complex than 3space coordinates, obviously. Since a 3D grid can’t capture all the required complexity, DayTrips are measured by “Slippage” along one or more “Vectors” of reality.

We consider our own familiar “Cartesian Space” (also known as “3space”) as the universe of “Home-Earth”. According to this new way of picturing existence, the three dimensions of our own Cartesian Space are actually Slip Vectors, commonly called 3x, 3y and 3z. In 3space, “0/0/0” represents the Coordinates of our own galactic center.

In reality though, this is set dressing and you can completely gloss over it if you want to. I like it and would probably use it but I do not have to.

The detail that I find most concerning about the game is the amount of brevity the rules are described in. There is little cushioning of the crunchiness of the rules and after reading the history of the game this is a stark difference. I struggle to read games that present their rules in the way Day Trippers does as it just lays out the rules in a very logical manner one after the other. Bam, bam, bam – rules are like the staccato call of an AK-47 in a battle. The rules are clever and obviously well considered but I would like to see them coaxed in a style that reminds me of the humour in the first part of the book. Even if it means I have to read a further 20 pages because of a more conversational style in the text, I think it would be worth it.

What this game does have is a unique premise and a stylised humour that I liked in the first half. I certainly feel that this tone is what is expected to be continued into the game. A game which can offer complete mind blowing travel in stories that have never been thought of yet. And they are generated in combination of the GM and players which should guarantee a rich experience. It feels old school to me but the introduction of some of the rules and the narrative drive makes it a strange hybrid that would not sit well with many OSR enthusiasts but it also does not stand up with FATE and make itself almost completely narrative. It is a game that straddles the two divides and promises an interesting experience for those that play it.

I love this game and this kind of stragy makes my brain works overtime. how to buy more soundcloud plays

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