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Hi everyone. This week has been a busy week for me and comics is largely the reason. I got the April shipment (first week in May but this will get better) on Tuesday and it has been a whirlwind of getting them tagged and bagged. I have met some new community members around the comics and things are going strong. There are some things you need to know about comics and their ordering - plus my intentions so it is all out in the open.

  • The comics I selected for this shipment were a broad smattering of titles. The most I got for any was 6 and so some of the titles you may want may already be gone. For example there are no more Deadpool or Wonder Woman left
  • Comics were never in the business plan and as such there has been a fine balancing act to get them in. They will continue if the support is there
  • There are no shelves for the comics yet. Shelves will come at the point that the comics prove to be a viable part of the business. Until then you will likely find the comics in a box for going through or laid out over a table
  • If you are a comic lover and know other comic lovers, tell them we exist - share our page - promote the comic posts! I want these to be a thing and would appreciate the help.
  • If you have a list of comics you want then bring it in! It will take two months before you see them (I must order two months in advance) but after that I can get things regularly for you. The more preorders or standing orders I have the more confident I will be to have the comics on a permanent basis!

Thanks for helping us out. The comics are exciting and I have to say that I am happy to see that there is such a variety in them now. The purchases over the past few days have really opened my eyes to how my ordering needs to be shaped in future so I am looking forward to the future.
New Stuff
The hours this week will be slightly affected as I am going to Iron Maiden in Melbourne on Monday. Jenn will be instore Monday through to 5 when the store will be closed and in store on Tuesday until I take over. Jenn is suffering from a bad knee though so if it is too por on the Monday I have advised her to take the day off so if the store is closed then I apologize but Jenn's health is far more important.
Finally I am going to be making an announcement around the Role Playing Game lines tomorrow. It is likely going to be a surprising development and likely largely untested world wide so keep an eye out for that, and an open mind!
Until next time, keep rolling!


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