Android Netrunner and I

It is no secret in store that Android Netrunner is my favourite card game. Magic is OK if you don't want to get too serious but Android Netrunner is asymmetric cyberpunk. There is nothing (asw a William Gibson fan) cooler than that.

I do give myself a hard time over it though. I have to step back and remind myself that I have only been playing for less than a year though. I get really down when I spend a lot of time developing a deck and then testing it and finding out that all my cool ideas are useless. But that is part of the learning process I suppose.

What I do love about this game is the family that has grown up around it. Due to the nature of the game which is a Living Card Game as opposed to a trading card game it is much less about being able to buy a good deck and much more just about the enjoyment of a game against your opponent. The Dover family of Ulverstone (Tim, Caleb and Erastus) have been key in teaching me the enjoyment of this game. I have had some of my most fun games with Erastus who dropped in to the store one day while we were actually closed!) and had a blast testing some of his new decks with some of my classics.

The other thing with this game is there is a broad range of players now in the area. Many people have sat down and listened to me teach them to go on and buy a set and show up regularly. There are others that do not attend the Netrunner night that we have every week that are still out there playing with their friends too. It is a game that gets under your skin and into your mind - the amount of times I go to sleep thinking of how to beat a particular deck and then wake up with a possible solution are countless!

Last night we ran a tournament and 3 of the players had never been at tournament before. One of those three won and I had a blast playing all of them. If you are keen on learning Android Netrunner come in and see me. If you want to see how the tournament download the PDF here! See how I almost came 2nd - almost (not really). Download it here!


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